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Monday, July 31, 2006
My 'Singleton' Guidelines
I am single. Having a romantic relationship at this point in my life is not a priority. Sometimes I do want a boyfriend. But I don't have the time to work on a relationship. My idea of dating is to only date someone you would want to marry. And since I don't want to marry right now, I am devoting most of my time to school. There are some people who say you need to live at home until you're married,etc. I don't believe that. My parents have raised me well. They have given me great values to live my life. In fact, I live in an apartment by myself about four hours away from home. However, I do still seek guidance from my parents when making important decisions.

We all know that we should be abstinate from sexual activity until marriage. I am very proud of the fact that I have not participated in any kind of sexual activity. Is it harder because I am away from school and live alone? No. I guess it could be, but the fact is I stay away from situations that would cause temptation. This is what has worked for me:

Limit alcohol fueled activities. I can not say I abstain from all alcohol activities because that would be a lie. But I do try my best to be safe when I drink. I drink with close friends that I know and trust, and I never drink with strangers. I avoid being drunk at large groups or parties, and if I do go to a party I stay with my group of friends.

I have a modest attitude. I believe a modest attitude is more important that modest dress (although that is important). We all know girls who wear decent clothes and still are overly flirtatious/sexual. I am around guys all the time. I have study groups with guys,etc. But I carry an attitude that clearly lets guys know: I am not interested in anything but the task at hand. I am nice but I don't give off false hope.

I guard my words. Is it just me or has every conversation revolved around sex for like the past decade!! I don't talk about sex, bodies, etc in mixed company. Call me prudish, but I fail to see why women complain that men only see them as sex objects; yet they allow- and participate in- such lewd conversations.

I protect my reputation. You know the saying: "Sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas"? Well I really am careful with who I choose for my friends. In my opinion a suitable friend is someone who I wouldn't mind bringing home to Thanksgiving dinner. I believe that my reputation is important. How many times have you met someone new and they say "oh I heard about you from so and so." Well what if so and so saw you walking out of a different boys room every night?! When guys date 'certain' girls, they only want 'certain things'. Also, your future employer, husband, preacher WHOEVER can hear about you long before they meet you. You can make sure that what they hear is good!

These are just a few guidelines that I keep to maintain my purity. I'm not saying you have to perfect (I am not!). But we should all be proactive in keeping our purity in a world that is so impure.


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