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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Helpful or Harmful?

Our world has received many benefits from the World Wide Web. Thanks to the internet, our physical locations no longer prohibit us from meeting and befriending people who share our same beliefs, religion etc. Throughout the years I have found many blogs and message boards that I enjoy and learn from. However some message boards I find are often full of controversy. For example, many women go to such boards for advice and comfort. Yet, they are met with sneering replies. These replies indirectly indicate that the author believes they are better because: she doesn't do any housework on Sundays or does not work outside the home.

I understand wanting to help a woman be better in her faith, etc. But are our conversations with fellow sisters in Christ uplifting and helpful? Note, I am not saying we need to be tolerant of a person's sins. We shouldn't be tolerant of our sins. But, we should be willing to help anyone desiring to leave as Jesus asks us to. Therefore on behalf of all Christian women online, I ask that everyone guard their words and thoughts carefully. We're all familiar of What Would Jesus Do. Let us make sure our actions AND our words are reflective of the fact that we are Christian women.


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