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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Where do we draw the line?
So my favorite message board was having a discussion about wal mart which turned into a discussion over being gay and if it was a choice/sin. Areas like these are where I really struggle. I am not gay, and so it's easy for me to say 'oh that's a choice'. But then I think, 'why would anyone choose to be homosexual? Even today it's not that accepted.'

Most importantly I'm not sure what my approach should be to those who are gay. One of my very best friends is a gay guy. We get along really well and he knows that I think being gay is morally wrong. But, I still hang out with him. I go to dinner with him and his partner etc. I am worried that my words are telling him 'I think what your lifestyle is not what God planned for you.' But my actions are saying 'Nevermind my belief system. Your personal relationships are A-Okay'.

This dilemma is not exclusive to gay friends. It could also be friends who steal, dishonor their parents, etc.

How do you handle situations such as this?


Blogger roxy said...

here are some thoughts in response:

I don't know that your friends choose to be gay any more than other people chose to be straight.

Jesus did fellowship with sinners. He didn't shun them until they were sinless. Maybe you can be a good example of a loving Christian for them.

We have all sinned and fallen short. I try to treat people the way I'd like to be treated.

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