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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Tackle it Tuesday

So, I hate doing book keeping, although I know I shouldn't put it off, I still do.

Here are a
few of the many receipts I needed to put into my spreadsheet:

And here's a screenshot of a portion of my completed spreadsheet (names/addresses have been blocked for privacy):

After, I completed it, I must say I felt better...now to tackle my personal records!

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Blogger eph2810 said...

Awesome tackle - way to go!

Yeah - I am not good at keeping up with my receipts either, and that as a accountant - not good - lol..

Blogger Renee said...

eph that is so funny because I took accounting last semester and did really well in it...but I know how I am and decided not to major in it!

Blogger FruitfulSpirit said...

Keeping receipts is one thing but having to add them in is another! Good work. Have a great day!

OH MAN did you have to remind me to do this!? LOL I try to avoid it as much as I can! :)

Blogger Tizzie said...

I'm seriously thinking that I should have chosen paperwork instead of heavy duty tidying as my thins to tackle today......you made the right choice I'm sure, cos I HURT now..........Paperwork next week methinks!

Blogger janice said...

i HATE paperwork and such things. GREAT TACKLE!! that is so much work to keep on top of receipts etc.

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