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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Working at Home
My Thoughts on Women at Home

I believe that when a woman decides to marry and have children, her priorites change (as do men, but this is a female blog so we wont discuss them;). It's no longer me,me,me. It should be God, husband, and children. Unfortunately a lot of women have other priorites that don't give them the time they need to fully take care of home. Am I saying a woman should have no hobbies or outside interests? NO! But women shouldn't let them be a main priority.

You will probably note that I said married women or mothers. I think that the time before you marry gives you the opportunity to fully explore hobbies and careers. This is the main reason I want to finish school and work before I marry. I know that there are certain things I want to accomplish in my life. I also know that I can't do BOTH career/motherhood. So I want to finish one season in my life before I start another one.

Working at Home Options

There are times women need an 'outside' job after marriage. Maybe you are trying to pay off debt, buy a home, or just need some extra cash. There are several work at home options that will give you the flexibility you need to still be a keeper at home.

Crafts- Are you skilled at making crafts, scrapbooking,painting etc? You could try to sell your creations (try church bazaars, message board swap lists). Or if you are homeschooling you could be an art tutor. I'm sure a lot of homeschooling mothers who aren't crafty would love to pay for an art teacher (or you could barter subjects).

Cooking- If you are great in the kitchen try catering. You could make money on the side without starting a full fledged company. You could cook for friends weddings, parties, church events, and make treats for yard sales or church bazaars. Getting your name out is the key here.

eBay- Ebay is a great way to sell unwanted items. I call it a virtual yard sale! I have an ebay store- Children's Clothes ETC. If you collect certain items or know a lot about certain things (books, eletronics, purses) try selling them on ebay. This is a great chance to have a small home business with low overhead. I suggest selling items you know a lot about. Knowledge gives you an edge (I think).

Other jobs- There are several other opportunties. I don't reccommend Avon,Mary Kay, etc. If the point is to be able to stay at home, these opportunites really need a lot of outside networking to be successful. There are also some companies who allow their employees (or independent contractors) to telecommunicate. With most of these jobs you answer customer calls or call customers (telemarketing, verifying information,etc). Many times you get to set your own hours. Some of these jobs are:

  • Ver-A-Fast
  • CLC
  • West (work at home agent)
  • Baby2Bee
  • Live Ops

Most require DSL or cable internet. For some you have to use your phone line or have a seperate line. I recommend visiting WAHM.com or WorkPlaceLikeHome.com to find more information on applying and to talk to other representatives.

Note- I'm sure some are thinking 'how can she give advice? She's not married!'. I'm not! But while I'm home for this semester I want to help my parents out as much as possible. I've become more aggressive on my eBay and I will soon start working as a customer service rep at a company (telecommunicating). This way I can help my mom out with stuff she needs, and still earn some spending money.


Blogger BooMama said...

I bet your parents appreciate your industrious spirit...you have maturity beyond your years!

Blogger Renee said...

Thank you for the comment! I really enjoy your blog!

Blogger Lori said...

Wonderful post!

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